The San Mateo County Times has moved from its home for the last 43 years at 1080 S Amphlett Blvd. (pictured) to a newer, smaller but more modern space at 477 Ninth St. (at S. Claremont St.). Columnist John Horgan recalls that the old place used to bustle with activity:

    “Camaraderie among the staff members was a hallmark. An annual Christmas party hosted by the outfit’s photographers was a much- anticipated event. …

    “It all hit home when a managing editor, overcome by several flagons of firewater and clutching the pathetic remnants of a cheap, stale cigar, collapsed into a potted plant near the archives room. Reviving him and then getting him back to his long-suffering spouse turned out to be a daunting task. Shortly after that, the holiday soiree was canceled.”

As the Press Club reported June 1, former editor John Bowman, who quit in anger over budget cuts by owner Media News, said the old building had deteriorated in the past few months — copper tubing was stolen by vandals, resulting in no hot water, and that the ventilation systems are also down. He said a pregnant reporter was working from home because of 90-degree temperatures in the newsroom. He said his office’s temperature was 100 degrees. Reporters have also found rat droppings on their desks, Bowman said. He said the union has filed a grievance over working conditions and OSHA took a tour of the place.

SF Press Club News,


  1. As I recall the demise of the Xmas festivities in the Times Photo Lab was as the result of a District Manager’s truck encountering another vehicle.

    This of course gave J Hart’s son a chance to shut down his brother-in-law’s very popular annual event.

    It probably could have continued on if only Zeke would have just let him do his magic tricks.

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