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FCC concerns force tape-delay of gay parade

KRON-TV won’t air Sunday’s LGBT Pride Parade live on Channel 4, as it has done in previous years, because the station is worried it might lose its license if something unexpected ends up on the air.

Channel 4’s license is up for renewal this year and the station has already had a serious run-in with the Federal Communications Commission. In 2004, the FCC fined KRON $27,500 for airing a live news segment in which a performer from a stage show called “Puppetry of the Penis” unexpectedly flashed his genitals.

“We all feel badly that we have to do what we have to do here. It’s really not a decision we have chosen,” KRON vice president and station manager Pat Patton told the Bay Area Record, a LGBT newspaper. “We simply couldn’t take the chance.”

KRON will still cover Sunday’s parade live, but will put the signal on Comcast cable channel 99 and on the Internet over Clear Channel’s ShakeRadio.com. The FCC doesn’t regulate cable or the Internet.

KRON will air an edited version of the parade on Channel 4 Sunday night at 7. The change means the parade will have a larger audience than it would if it aired during the day.

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