Here are three more names to add to the list of Chronicle staffers who are leaving — Deputy Editor Narda Zacchino (left) and reporters Keay Davidson (middle) and Ilene Lelchuk.

Zacchino has been at the Chron since May 2001 after 30 years at the L.A. Times. Zacchino is co-authoring a book for Hyperion with Mary Tillman, mother of Pat Tillman, the former NFL player killed by other American soldiers in Afghanistan, the blog LA Observed notes. Zacchino is married to syndicated columnist Robert Scheer.

Davidson, an award-winning science writer, has been at the Chron since Hearst bought it in 2000 and was with the Hearst owned Examiner from 1986 to 2000. The write-up about him on the SFgate’s “Colleagues Remembered” page said he thinks of his time at the Ex as “the happiest 14 years of my life.”

    It was a hideaway for eccentrics, bohemians and semi-closeted radicals — “the kind of place where I could use a bag of macadamia nut cookies to bribe an editor into publishing a particularly witty or acerbic line of prose.” That contrasts with the Chronicle, “a drably lit place where macadamia nut cookies are regarded as the Anti-christ.” Henceforth, Davidson looks forward to a long unemployment, during which time he will try to finish the “comically overdue” [book on late Thomas S. Kuhn — the historian who coined the term “paradigm shifts”]

Lelchuk went from the Ex to the Chron, eventually landing the City Hall beat. Among her scoops was uncovering Assessor Mabel Teng’s gift of jobs to her friends and supporters, revelations that led to Tang’s resignation. She spent the last year covering youth and family trends. (Photo credits: Leichuk, Davidson are from SFgate; Zacchino from Women’s Enews)

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