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Wyatt makes transition into retirement

Martin Wyatt, who retired in January after 24 years as a sports anchor at KGO-TV, says he doesn’t stay up to watch the 11 p.m. news anymore. Now that he’s retired it’s early to bed, writes the Oakland Tribune’s Dave Newhouse.

Wyatt was asked by KGO-TV brass two years ago how much longer he wanted to work and he picked this year to retire.

“I didn’t want to be the old guy saying, ‘This is the way we used to do it,'” said Wyatt, 65. “And the business is changing so fast; it’s different from when I started. Very, very different.”

Wyatt also reveals that he kept 60 suits and five tuxedos in his closet for his on-air work and frequent master-of-ceremonies gigs. Now he’s donated the bulk of the wardrobe to charities.

Newhouse notes that Wyatt was born Simeon Martinez Wyatt III. In 1972, he became Jamal Abdul-Kabir. Jamal means “kind, generous,” Abdul “servant,” Kabir “the great god.” He is Jamal Abdul-Kabir on his driver’s license, Newhouse reports.

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