In case you missed the “comment” left on the item below, retired Merc ad man Lou Alexander has furnished the following list of employees who were laid off today by the MediaNews-owned paper. He says 31 people were laid off and 15 voluntarily resigned since the layoffs were announced on June 6.

Included in the layoff

    Peter Allen
    Stewart G. Applin
    Jennifer Aquino
    Morna Baird
    Michele R. Chandler
    Victor Chi
    Barbara J. Egbert
    Marilee S. Enge
    Robin C. Evans
    Kristen C. Folmar
    Rodney A. Foo
    Susanna L. Frohman
    Constance L. Gove
    Brian A. Griffin
    Terri L. Hart
    Brad Kava
    Dikran Keraghosian
    Anthony Lioce
    Marian Liu
    Thomas Moore
    Raymond Moses
    Kimberly Nauman
    John Orr
    Daniel Reed
    Janice Rombeck
    Colin Seymour
    Khanh Weinberg
    Nicole Wong
    Sara Wykes
    Steve Yvaska
    Steve Zuckerman

Voluntary resignations since the layoffs were announced on June 6th:

    Tim Ball
    Margaret Bethel
    Roger Cohn
    Dave Curtis
    Dylan Hernandez
    Jeff Hindenach
    Elizabeth Howton
    Wes Killingbeck
    Will McCahill
    Glenn Rabinowitz
    Akii Ramsess
    Elisabeth Rubinfein
    Meryl Simon
    Yomi Wrong
    Oie Yeh

Lou Alexander’s list matches the list Robert Gammon of the East Bay Express posted this afternoon.

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  1. Is anonymous really Dean Singleton? Yes, the Guild is certainly part of the problem (as it was resistant to change and balked at innovation), but the reasons for these layoffs fall entirely at the feet of management … particularly a lackluster sales department that has let the second boom in the valley pass it by.

  2. What hasn’t been reported about these layoffs is that the Guild has been completely ineffective in stopping them. In fact, you could argue that a union contract makes things worse because it imposes inflexible work rules and makes re-assignments impossible. To some, a reduction in pay is preferable to termination. Whether or not we have the Guild, we’re still going to have layoffs. We would be better off if we decertified the union and stopped paying dues. I, for one, wouldn’t mind what would amount to a pay increase.

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