Beginning July 16, KPIX CBS5 weahter anchors Roberta Gonzales (left) and Samantha Mohr (right) are swapping jobs. Gonzales will become the evening anchor, moving to the 5, 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts Monday through Friday, while Samantha Mohr joins Early Edition at 5 and 6 a.m. and the noon newscast.

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  1. Kathy Trafton is another meteorologist at KPIX. I think she’s great. She seems to fill in on weekends from time to time.

  2. Saw Samantha Mohr on the Weather Channel last weekend morning, doing a great job as usual. Man do I miss her on CBS 5. I believe that leaves Lawrence Karnow as the only on-air meteorologist at KPIX.

  3. I just wanted to say – I really miss Samatha – she was the best – I sure she is doing fabulous in Atlanta and they love her as much as we did in California.

  4. Lawrence Karnow who has been the weekend metorlogist for 10 years was filling in weekdays AM’s and PM’s doing all the different shifts, holding things together. Also Robert Lyles has been filling in on AM’s.

    Not sure who the new morning person is now or if they are still searching for someone. It was great seeing Brian Hackney doing a couple nights, he does it so smoothly.

    It is too bad that KPIX seems to have made it such a competion on popularity between Samantha and Roberta each have different experiance and styles but both are good in their own way and were a good team. Sadly KPIX didn’t treat Samantha well enough to stay.

  5. This conversation is getting downright nasty. Roberta looks refreshed from her vacation, and it was nice to see Kathy on weekends. I preferred the no-nonsense delivery of Samantha and Kathy, but Roberta’s dramatic style just isn’t my cup of tea. The young man whose name escapes me in the weekday mornings does a commendable jobs.

    However, it seems that the skills of qualified meteorologists are being under appreciated, and it seems like the producer is more concerned about having the right colours.

  6. Sorry to see Sam go and Roberta shifting to later slot. I love seeing Roberta first thing in the morning. She is very personable and the combo of her, John and Sydney work….And those LEGS !!!!!

  7. Wow, I was wondering about where Samantha went so I did some Googling and found this site. Didn’t think weather people inspired such controversy, but I will miss Sam because she did a good job and was really pleasant to look at. I like Roberta also, and it seems like she has a lot of experience. I’m not sure who Kathy Trafton is, but if she is the blond who fills in once in a while, she should work on her attitude a bit. She always seems to come across very self-satisfied which I, at least, find kind of annoying.

    In any case, it’s too bad that we lost Sam, wherever she goes, the viewers there will be lucky to have her.

  8. I read an on line article interviewing Roberta Gonzales on titled Movers and Shakers. In the last section it says, MIsperceptions; “That someone else forecasts and prepares my weather segments.”

    No one said Roberta Gonzales is an Accredited Metorologist anyway. I don’t care that she isn’t. I have been well aware for years KPIX refers to her as Weather Anchor.

    Too bad Kathy Trafton or associates have to keep trying to discredit Roberta’s crediability and integrity in trying to build up and suggest that Kathy Trafton should have Roberta’s job. It just comes across extremely jealous.

    I met Roberta at a public CBS 5 sponsered event and saw her do the weather live outside, when she couldn’t hear her producer on her ear mike. When meeting Roberta she was a very nice person.

  9. If Santa Rosa Junior College Bio. on Kathy Trafton is up to date she does not have her Meteorological Seal yet but is working on it.
    KPIX/CBS 5 does not have a bio. on her or list her as staff.

    Lawrence Karnow studied Meteorology and was awarded his Meteorological Seal (CBS 5 bio.)

    Samantha Mohr was awarded her Meteorological Seal, and a Magna Cum Laude Broadcast Meteorology degree. (Previous CBS 5 Bio.).

    I’m not Roberta Gonzales’s agent or Roberta herself but I wrote the five reasons why Roberta is qualfied as a “Weather Anchor” (7/24) (researched from her bio.) which has been Roberta’s position at CBS 5 for 11 years.

    Roberta has studied Climateology, Weather,and Meteorlogy. She has forecasted weather since 1983, and does do her own forecasting.

    Other TV Stations/Networks also have Weather Anchors that forecast weather that aren’t “Meteorologists”

    Roberta, Samantha, and Lawrence made an Excellent Weather Team!

  10. It looks like Roberta herself, or her agent is on this forum, too.

    Samantha is an accredited meteorologist, as are Lawrence and Kathy. Roberta is not.

  11. Hmmm… It seems like Roberta’s agent or Roberta herself is on this bulletin board, too.

    Roberta is a weathercaster, but not a accredited meteorologist which Samantha, Lawrence and Kathy are. Someone else does the forecasting work for Roberta.

    Do you notice that CBS5 doesn’t call Roberta a meteorologist? That’s because she isn’t one.

  12. The switch seems a little fishy to me. My guess is CBS is going after the Hispanic viewers, so Samantha was bumped. It’s too bad, I enjoyed Sam and trusted her forecasts. I’ll try 7.

  13. I’m surprised someone has even a question about Roberta Gonzales qualifications as the Evening Weather Anchor.

    Here are some reasons she is extremely qualified and experienced;

    1. She has more then 17 years in four major cities being the Weather Anchor; not only in San Francisco, but Chicago, San Jose, and San Diego.

    2. Roberta Gonzales has earned four Emmys for best weathercast.

    3. She has won the Associated Press Award for best weathercast nine times.

    4. Four time winner of American Women in Radio and Television award for best Weathercaster.

    5. She is an eight time winner of, the Radio Television News Director Association Award for best weather segment.

  14. It is a shame that KPIX is having to pay for Katie Couric’s low ratings by shifting around their weather personnel.

    Both Roberta Gonzalexz and Samantha Mohr are great weather anchors, and their personalities were ideal for their previous time slots. While I am glad we still have Roberta, the Bay Area lost an excellent weathercaster in Samantha.

  15. Samantha Mohr was a bright light in the day…great to look at. Weather reporting OK too!
    Roberta Gonzales is totally different, but perfectly adequate.
    It aint brain surgery!

  16. Roberta might be a nice person, but her pronounciation and over-articulation of certain words is annoying. She needs to work on her delivery with a speech coach.

  17. Just heard that Samantha has left CBS 5 and will be going back to her home town state of Georgia.

    I don’t understand why Roberta Gonzales is now in charge of weather, as she is not at all qualified as a meteorologist.

    Bring in Kathy Trafton!!! She is an excellent meteorologist (qualified enough to teach meteorology at SRJC) and is the most appropriate person to take charge of the department.

  18. I am sorry to hear that Samantha Mohr will no longer be reporting the weather at the times I watch KPIX for this information. I will miss her greatly. Please think about returning to your 5, 6 7 11 P.M. newscasts, Samantha. You are a ray of sunshine always!!

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