The 82,683-circulation Santa Rosa Press Democrat has announced it will eliminate 35 jobs, or 8 percent of its work force, in an effort bring its costs in line with falling revenue. Seven jobs in the paper’s 93-person newsroom will be cut. Publisher Bruce Kyse said he hopes the staff-reduction goals can be met through voluntary buyout offers. If they cannot, however, layoffs in several departments — including the newsroom — will follow. All eligible newsroom employees, including both union members and managers, received buyout proposals Wednesday. A sluggish local economy and competition for classifieds from Craigslist and other Web sites were blamed for the slide in revenue. The paper’s revenue dropped from $74 million in 2005 to $70 million last year.

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  1. This is goodnews, NYT are interloper parasitic vultures that only seek to mold and conform minds into a simple left right paradigm, while extracting huge profits and giving nothing back to the community it leeches from aside from yellow sensational pseudo journalism. It also protects the good ole’ boy network of Sonoma County with biased reporting of crimes by the richies, e.g. the Korbel Winery rape case coverup.

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