KTVU tonight has posted raw video of yesterday’s arrest of ABC7 reporter Wayne Freedman and photographer Craig Southern by Napa County Sheriff’s Deputies. (See earlier item below.) Freedman is heard on the tape yelling:

    “If you take my notebook, you’re going to court.

    “And I want a lawyer now. Give us a lawyer now.

    “I am not giving up my [deleted] microphone. And I am not giving up my notebook.

    “And If you want to haul me to jail, you take me to jail, but you’re not taking the microphone and you’re not taking the notebook. You got it?! You are taking our property. That is a microphone.

    “You’ve taken our frickin notes and you’ve broken our phone.”

As reported below, the Napa County Sheriff’s Department has apologized but the station is pressing criminal charges and a civil suit. As Freedman promised, the deputy will end up in court.

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  1. The law (Penal Code section 409.5 PC (d)) states “Nothing in this section shall prevent a duly authorized representative of any news service, newspaper, or radio or television station or network from entering the areas closed pursuant to this section.”

    What part of that don’t you understand?

  2. Give me a break. Freeman is a typical news man hiding behind freedom of the press to interfer with law enforcement and fire. I’m sure they would have been allowed in when it was safe to do so. You don’t run a blockade just because your news. Fire equipment needed to go up that road and they could have hampered the ER effort.

    We put our lives on the line everyday to help people…. Does the news media do that????? Many do not get paid. We do it for humanity because we care.

    Freeman is a thug who thinks he can do what ever he wants because he is the “news” Give me a break. He should have had charges. The officers were doing what they were told too do. They put their lives on the line for others everyday……. What about Freeman??????? Selfish Bastard.

  3. Let a judge or jury decide, the whole incident was not captured, Freedmans agressive hostile nature and razor shaved head is not going to reflect well.
    This is not a big deal since Freedman is a bastardized version of what a journalist is suposed to be. Same with the police, they are not real peace officer public servants, they are power tripping thug overlords.
    On both sides they are facsimiles of what once was a profession, but now is reduced to it’s lowest common denominator, bad acting charlatan’s.
    Meanwhile real news that affects the enitre populice will continue to be ignored in favor of easy stories about fires and sensational violent crime.

  4. These deputies should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and should lose their badges. The law explictly allows news crews to cross police lines to cover a disaster. If these deputies don’t know that, they shouldn’t be wearing a badge and gun.

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