After six years at KPIX CBS 5, Chief Meteorologist Samantha Mohr (pictured) is leaving for Atlanta. She announced her departure on the air a few days before she was about to switch shifts with morning weather anchor Roberta Gonzales. The station moved Gonzales, previously the morning weather anchor, to the weeknight shows, and Mohr was going to take the morning shift. But before the switch took place, Mohr resigned. Her picture and bio have been removed from the CBS 5 Web site. In 2004 she won an Emmy for Best Weathercast in Northern California which included a report on the San Francisco Fog Phenomenon. In 2003 she won the AP award for Best Weathercast in Northern California, and the Radio-Television News Directors Award for Best Weather Segment/Story. She came to Channel 5 after 12 years at KTVK in Phoenix. She is originally from Georgia.

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  1. Relax folks Sam is on the weather channel It may be hard to watch her tho, “No punn intended lol” but the west coast may be at work when she is on 🙂

  2. I too have switched from KPIX because Samantha Mohr is gone. I didn’t like Roberta when I saw her at other times. I’ve tried to watch it since Samantha left and always end up changing the channel. Now I’m watching John Farley mostly. I watch Channel 4 in the morning because I like their weather people.

  3. I just googled Samantha Mohr because I wondered how long she was going to be out and now I find she’s left. She was much more professional than Roberta is, and channel 5 made a big mistake in losing her. I’m sick of Roberta’s hyperactive extrovert persona already. And what’s up with her sometimes-trashy outfits? I never tired of Samantha’s calm, assured manner, and she dressed with class.

  4. Maybe KPIX can atone, in their misstep of losing Samantha Mohr. If they are willing to spend the $$$ and pick up newly un-employed Foxy and Hottie Anchor woman Acylia Lane, from Philadelphia’s WKYW-TV CBS-3 affiliate. The SF, CBS affiliate… as well as the City could certainly use “the polish” and be more demographically correct.

  5. Samantha was bomb. We lost the best we could ever have. Roberta has to get off the perky train. She should be denied admittance to Starbucks and she is self serving to the point of obnoxious. Is there any reason I need details on her personal life?

  6. So, a new meteorologist started today at KPIX: Tracy Humphrey from WNYW.

    I think Sam’s departure was really due to a colour problem.

  7. After all these months, we still miss our beloved “Sam” as the ‘Chief Meteorologist’ for the entire SF Bay Area!

    Who ever is responsible for losing Samanatha Mohr should be fired!

    Jim & Joyce Quon

  8. I googled to find out where Samantha was because I missed her goodbye. All of a sudden Roberta was the only one. Best wishes to Samantha and her family. I miss seeing her and thought she did a terrific job here in the Bay Area.

  9. I do remember Brian Sussman when Kate Kelly and Dave McElhatton were on and you can find out about him on Wilipedia. It says he is on KSFO wtih his own talk show.
    I like the anchors that are genuine, sincere, down to earth human beings also agree respectful and considerate, myself. Like the ones who haven’t gotten too self impressed. Many of them are invited to community events and functions because of their media position which prior to having that would not have been.

  10. The best one EVER was Brian Sussman. Does anyone remember him? I wonder what happened? We lost a great meteorologist and an even greater human being…. remember “Brian’s Kids”?

  11. Glad to see that Samantha has left CBS and the San Francisco Bay Area. She seemed a ray of sunshine on the air, but has been very rude to the residents of the Bay Area.She and her husband, Kent Matthews are very disrespctful.Geogia can have them!

  12. We miss Samantha so much. Ever time we hear the silly stuff that is talked about now, we think, “where’s Samantha?” I finally googled her and I’m bummed that she is gone.

  13. i loved samantha mohr and like so many others saw her as that rare combination, smart and savvy eye candy. what a doll, what a professional and what a stupid thing to let her go. i’ve watched the evening newscast for several years now, and i believe i detected an issue between dana and sam, more like dana having the issue. i hope this kind of thing is not behind sam’s leaving. these two attractive women made cbs5 evening news a treat to watch.

  14. Samantha you are trully missed!! CBS should have notified the viewers of your departure!! They didn’t even reply to my e-mails requesting an answer to where you were!! Good luck to you.

  15. We still miss Sam Mohr. We had never seen a weather person so adroit with the “maps”-seeming to look right at them while pointing to a specific area. The best we’ve ever seen in many decades of watching TV weather. Hate to see her go. Mike and Ellin Simmons, San Anselmo (we are NOT anonymous) at our age.

  16. I put the website or link in twice to find Samantha and it says it can’t be found. What channel is it and does she have a email address? I haaven’t found her on the weather channel website yet.
    Our loss and they are very lucky to have Samantha, sad she is gone.

  17. I put the website or link in twice to find Samantha and it says it can’t be found. What channel is it and does she have a email address? I haaven’t found her on the weather channel website yet.
    Our loss and they are very lucky to have Samantha, sad she is gone.

  18. I always said Sam was national tv material, but you let her go..Don’t you realize you had the very best nighttime crew ever! Can’t watch Roberta, so will switch to another weather channel. Get Sam back, I loved seeing what color clothes she was wearing, she could wear any color! Why did you do it?

  19. I like my weather forecast to include weather not fluff. Samantha knew her stuff, Roberta, not so much.
    I’ve already stopped watching the morning KPIX “newscast” because of an over abundance of fluff and no hard news.
    So I guess I’ll switch my evening choice as well.

  20. What a shame KPIX lost some special! Sam was a pleasure to watch.
    We stopped watching KPIX AM news because of Roberta and now we won’t watch the evening news because of her and Wendy.

    What are you thinking? ? ?

  21. I always enjoyed watching Sam do the weather – such a class act. Too bad her ‘replacement’ can’t fill her shoes. The evening weather now is extremely dramatic, filled with pregnant pauses and beyond annoying. Wake up Roberta!

  22. My husband and I wish Samantha Mohr all the best . . . we have enjoyed her tremendously over the years.

    Unfortunately for Channel 5, when changes like this occur it encourages “shopping around” for other news programs. We are now enjoying another station.

  23. This is such a loss for the Bay Area.
    Not only did Samantha bring enthusiasm, charm and a great work ethic to her job, she is/was a wonderful person.

    This has to be one of the great blunders in local television history.

    We miss you, Sam!

  24. Too bad that Samantha is gone…Roberta needs to know when to clam up sometimes, and it gets a bit annoying, plus she trys to dress like a teenager. Always liked to see what color suit that Sam was going to have on…great colors!
    She’ll brighten up The Weather Channel now!!

  25. CBS just lost a viewer. Ms. Mohr was the one worth watching. Roberta seems to be the drama queen and not a weather broadcaster. CBS, I hope you now know what you “tossed away”. Good luck to you Samantha. You will be missed by many here in the bay area.

  26. To Anonymous August 17th 7:14 PM

    Wanted you to know that Roberta Gonzales has been on vacation the last three weeks in Maui. She will return on Monday August 20th.
    Earlier in the week I heard her interviewed by phone on CBS5 about being there during the earthquake as Hurricane Flossie was approaching Hawaii. So half of the their great woman weather anchor team will return.

    However, you are right it is a shame that they lost Samantha Mohr due to their changes.

  27. Wow. We must be perceived as idiots becuase CBS seems to think it can play games with women anchors and not be held accountable. I notice that Roberta Gonzalez is no longer on CBS evenings. I am assuming she recognized that “There, but by the grace of God go I.” What a shame to loose two great women meteorologists.

  28. Samantha brought REAL weather skills to her shows and is one of the classiest and nicest person you will ever meet. The Weather Channel is very lucky. She will be missed at KPIX.

  29. I also saw Samantha’s profile and photo on KCBS website recently and just thought they forgot to take it off. Maybe she is taking some time off in between jobs for the move.

    I think KPIX understamated how much people really liked, respected, and vlaued having Samantha Mohr doing our weather. I miss her not being there.

  30. if you see the website you will see Samantha Mohr’s picture still and her email is active …so i dont think she is gone that much.. i dont think she left the bay area.

    if they did take samantha mohr’s picture off the kpix website than why is her picture still up on the KCBS’s website

    look at and look at the news bios section

  31. As wisdom tells us, change is good! I have admired Roberta at the 5am newscast for years and while I’ll miss her getting us up and informed, the evening crew mixes so well with her. Goodbye Sam and Hello Roberta!

  32. The same night Samantha Mohr announced she was leaving the Bay Area to head home to Atlanta with her husband and daughter, I wrote her an email telling her how much my family and I enjoyed her broadcasts, how much we’d miss seeing her, and that we wished her well on her move home. I also said that now I have another excuse to pay attention to the weather in Atlanta on the internet! (I have family there.)

    She wrote me back the next day and thanked me for the nice things I said and told me that if I watched The Weather Channel in a couple of months, I’d see a familiar face! You can bet I’ll be watching!

    She’s a very nice lady with a terrific sense of humor and KPIX/CBS-5’s weather department won’t be the same without her!

  33. Is there a new email address for people to send Samantha Mohr their posative, good-bye, and good luck messages?

    Perfect way Samantha was described as an “Exceptional Professioanl”.
    I was lucky to meet her in person and she had a sophisticated polite charm.

  34. We will miss Samantha Mohr VERY MUCH. She was itelligent, savvy and cute. Channel 5 KPIX was very wrong. Roberta can’t hold a candle to Samantha’s smooth delivery even tho she may have used farther/further differently than the English professor who wrote above, but who really cares about that anyway. She had a terrific presence, a bright spot at the nightly news.

  35. I completely agree with what Anonymous said above.. I will miss Samantha Mohr… a true professional to her craft. I hope that KPIX realizes that they might have made a big mistake by letting her leave.

  36. I am going to miss Samantha Mohr.. I was very surprised reading that she resigned. I hope that KPIX realizes that they lost an Exceptional Professional in Ms. Mohr. I wish her luck in Atlanta.

  37. I just found this site, and I am sad to see that Samantha Mohr has left for Atlanta,Ga.. but then again, she did what she thought was best for her career. I thought she was very professional and she always knew what she was talking about. I hope that Roberta can live up to the same kind of professionalism.

  38. With both Samantha Mohr and Roberta Gonzales being a winning weekday/night Weather Team, KPIX should have kept them the way it was. (even though both could do well am’s or pm’s)
    Big mistake on KPIX’s part to lose Samantha’s superb forecasting, by demoating her doesn’t make KPIX look good at all.
    Samantha was very helpful during the 2005 flash flood announcing the emergency horn in San Anselmo with calculating measuremnts, frequency and speed of rainfall as it was intensely increasing.
    I will miss Samantha even though I also like Roberta they each brought stand out unique skills and assets.

  39. Heh, Roberta is just a talking head, and has little training as a meteorologist which she pretends to be. KPIX still has one good meteorologist on staff. Bring on Kathy Trafton. She’s really the star and she knows her stuff.

  40. Samantha didn’t speak proper English anyway! She’d say “further” instead of “farther” when talking about distance! Whenever you are talking about distance, the proper word to use is farther, ie: Farther North, Farther to the South, etc… You use further in all other context, ie: He’s further in the book, etc. I doubt she will speak proper language in Atlanta! We’ll see how Roberta does 🙂

  41. KPIX could have handled this in a better way than demoting their main weather anchor to the morning show. Of course she was going to quit!

  42. We watch CBS5 at night mainly because of Samantha Mohr and Dana King. I guess we’ll be shifting to another station (Where is Dana?)

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