The Board of Directors of the Peninsula Press Club voted tonight (July 18) to change the organization’s name to the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club to reflect a growing membership in all parts of the Bay Area. When the Peninsula Press Club began in 1974, it was an organization of professional journalists in San Mateo County. But over the years, the club attracted members from all 11 counties in the Bay Area. From time to time, this caused the board to consider changing the name to encompass a greater geographic area than just the Peninsula. But last year’s closure of the San Francisco Press Club created an opportunity to incorporate San Francisco in the club’s name. Tonight’s vote was unanimous.

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  1. If they really wanted to put their noses higher in the air, they would have re-named it the “Stanford Press Club”

  2. That name was rejected because it would have been confused with other Bay Areas, such as Tampa Bay. Besides, there’s only one San Francisco, so the name tends to narrow things down. (Dave Price)

  3. “members from all 11 counties in the Bay Area” So, why not Bay Area Press Club? Or does having San Francisco in the name let you put your noses higher in the air?

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