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Stanford issues statement on Wilson's death

After KGO’s Pete Wilson died of a massive heart attack at Stanford Hospital during a routine hip-replacement operation, officials there refused to take questions from the media about what went wrong, citing privacy concerns. But KGO says that on Monday night, the hospital issued this statement:

Reporter Suzanne Bohan of the MediaNews Group newspapers writes:

KGO’s Dr. Dean Edell, who worked with Wilson on radio and TV for many years, offered these observations:

Here is a screen shot from the close of Wilson’s final newscast on Channel 7 last Wednesday. Next to him is anchor Carolyn Johnson, who wrote on her blog:

For more on this, see our previous post on Wilson’s death. (Top photo credits: WTMJ Milwaukee, mid-1970s; KGO-TV screen grab 1989; KGO-TV screen grab 2007)

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