Chron columnist David Lazarus, who we reported July 20 was leaving for the Los Angeles Times, is also quitting his weekend radio show at KGO NewsTalk 810. His last show will be Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m. KGO-AM host Gene Burns said on the air Wednesday that management tried to persuade Lazarus to stay with the station after he moves to Southern California. He could do the program from home using an ISDN line like other hosts do at times. But Burns indicated that the Times has big plans for Lazarus and the columnist wouldn’t have time to moonlight.

By the way, Burns had an op-ed in the LA Times on Wednesday where he advocated an across-the-board cut in the state budget rather than a raid on funds for transpotation and the homeless.

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  1. I will miss David's advice, but he was rather short with callers. Often pushing them up against a commercial or news, and the timing was suspect. Jack Swenson at KGO is married to the conservative Melody Morgan. KGO has changed and has been infiltrated by the self-righteous right. KGO owned by Citadel needs competition!

  2. I’m upset that he has left KGO, but happy for him. On to bigger things no dought. He is a heavy weight intellectual and well mannered on the air. He will be greatly missed!!!!!

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