Chron columnist David Lazarus, in his farewell column this morning as he leaves for the LA Times, laments that the media has lost interest in consumer advocacy, and he quotes Ralph Nader to make his point. But Lazarus adds:

    “But some newspapers still get it, and The Chronicle is one of them. It hasn’t always been easy. There’ve been times when I’m sure the paper’s bosses wished I’d write about anything else.

    “But consistently, The Chron’s editors have stood behind this column. A tip of the hat is due here to Editor Phil Bronstein, Deputy Managing Editor Steve Proctor and, most of all, Business Editor Ken Howe. They took enough heat on my behalf to boil soup.

    “So why is this my last appearance in these pages? I’m making the jump to another well-known newspaper that’s beefing up its consumer coverage. It’s an opportunity that couldn’t be ignored.”

[Press Club, July 20, Lazarus joining LA Times] [Press Club, Thursday, Lazarus will also quit KGO-AM gig] [Press Club, Feb. 23, 2006, A tip to CEOs: Take Lazarus to lunch]

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