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Muslim bakery linked to editor's death

Oakland police say that evidence recovered during this morning’s raid at Your Black Muslim Bakery links members of the organization to the ambush killing of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey, according to the Oakland Tribune.

Officials would not say what the evidence is, but the Tribune quoted sources as saying the shotgun used to kill Bailey was seized at the bakery.

Joseph Debro, an Oakland businessman who writes a column for the Post, told the AP that Bailey (right) had recently asked him for information about Your Black Muslim Bakery’s financial troubles for a story Bailey was writing.

In this morning’s pre-dawn raid by more than 200 law enforcement officers, 19 arrests were made and numerous weapons were seized. The raid followed a yearlong investigation into a variety of violent crimes including two other murders, Assistant Police Chief Howard Jordan said. In the photo above, an unidentified suspect is arrested in the raid. (Photo credit: Laura A. Oda, Oakland Tribune)

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