The East Bay Express reports that Chron Editor Phil Bronstein held a staff meeting this morning where he outlined the paper’s new vision in the wake of layoffs that forced him to reduce his newsroom from 400 to 300 people. Bronstein didn’t return EBX’s calls for comment, but those at the meeting said the Chron will drop “buffet style” journalism (attempting to cover everything in the region) and instead will have a handful of “master narratives” each day on topics such as local politics, green living, real estate and technology. Writes the EBX’s Eric Klein:

    “Details are a little vague, but essentially the new slogan is: ‘Journalism of Action.’ Call it the ChronicleWatch-ification of the Chron: Bronstein reportedly envisions a paper whose staff will not simply report, but seek to effect positive change in the community and drive public policy.”

• A partial list of departing Chron staffers

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  1. A few years ago, when Bronstein shut down the Chronicle’s suburban bureaus, and surrendering that territory to other papers, he was quoted as saying, “You can’t out local the locals.” This “Journalism of Action” sounds like another retreat as he shinks the Chronicle into insignificance.

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