Here’s the latest list of Chronicle staffers who have left the paper during the current round of layoffs by either attrition or buyout. This list is drawn from public sources as well as information from about a dozen people who have contacted us via e-mail.

    Anna Badkhen, foreign/national correspondent
    Gail Bensinger, foreign editor
    Colleen Benson*, business editorial assistant
    Catherine Bigelow, society columnist
    Darryl Bush, photographer
    Mark Camps, sports reporter
    Neva Chonin, pop music critic
    Rob Collier, reporter
    Karola Saekel Craib, food reporter
    Stephen Cook, assistant managing editor for enterprise/projects
    Will Crain, copy editor
    John Curley, deputy managing editor
    Keay Davidson, reporter
    Christine Delsol, deputy travel editor
    Janine DeFao, reporter
    Rick DelVecchio, reporter
    Ed Epstein, reporter, Washington bureau
    Paul Feist, statehouse editor, Sacramento Bureau
    Chris Feldhorn, copy editor
    Jim Finefrock, editor, Insight section
    David Finkelstein, editorial assistant
    Gary Fong, director of editorial graphics technology
    Dan Fost, technology reporter
    Louis Freedberg*, columnist
    Penni Gladstone, photographer
    William Blake Gray, wine reporter
    Leslie Guevarra, deputy managing editor
    Patrick Hoge, reporter
    Ken Howe, business editor
    Jessica Guynn*, reporter
    Vanessa Hua*, reporter, demographics team
    Laura Impellizzeri, assistant metro editor
    Fran Irwin, copy editor food
    Lance Jackson, graphic artist
    Jason Johnson, reporter
    Heather Jones, copy editor
    George Judson, assistant managing editor for enterprise
    Daniel King, editorial assistant features
    Marshall Kirkland, Sacramento bureau editorial assistant
    Christina Koci-Hernandez, photographer
    David Lazarus, business columnist
    Ilene Lelchuk, reporter
    Trisha Lisk, executive assistant
    Greg Lucas, reporter, Sacramento Bureau
    Kevin Lynch, sports reporter
    Elizabeth Mangelsdorf, photographer
    Glen Martin, reporter, environmental issues
    Mark Martin, reporter, Sacramento Bureau
    Scott Mattoon, nation/world editor
    Paul McHugh, outdoors writer
    Ross McKeon, sports writer
    Wendy Miller, Sunday editor
    Hulda Nelson, art director
    Laura Perkins, librarian
    Suzanne Pullen, reporter
    Ed Rachels, graphic artist
    Rick Radin, copy editor
    Wanda Ravernell, features copy editor
    Robert Rosenthal, managing editor
    Joan Ryan*, columnist
    Steve Sande, features editorial assistant
    Marc Sandalow, reporter, Washington Bureau
    Pia Sarkar, business reporter
    Kathy Seligman, features reporter
    Anne Schrager, photo technician
    Joe Shoulak, info graphics artist
    Chuck Squatriglia, Reporter
    Thor Swift, photo technician
    David Tong, assistant business editor
    Kat Wade*, photographer
    Diana Walsh, reporter
    Mike Weiss, features writer
    Paul Wilner, editor, Style section
    Narda Zacchino, deputy editor

*leaving this week or next

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  1. According to the Chronicle’s masthead (D4) on Sept. 3, 2007 they still have Robert Rosenthal, as VP and managing editor, as well as John Diaz, Narda Zacchino, John Curley. Perhaps the Chronicle has hired these folks back?

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