The San Francisco Peninsula Press Club is planning a boot camp for high school newspaper editors on Oct. 5 on the campus of the College of San Mateo. This is one step in the club’s continuing effort to bolster journalism at the high school level.

High school advisers, editors and staffers, including reporters, photographers and designers are invited to the afternoon event where they will hear from professionals in their field.

The Press Club intends to cover the following topics:

    • Motivating a staff

    • Finding stories

    • What’s an editorial and why do we need them?

    • Page design

    • Podcasting

    • Online publishing

    • Photography

    • Selling advertising

    • Headline writing

    • Convergence: How print, online and broadcast work together

    • So you’re an editor! Now what?

Those interested in attending, or professionals who wish to help lead seminars, should contact Micki Carter of the Press Club. The event will be co-hosted by the Press Club and the College of San Mateo Journalism Department.

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