An update to our item on July 27 about fears of union-busting at MediaNews Group’s ANG papers: This morning E&P is quoting MediaNews vp and general counsel Marshall Anstandig (pictured) as saying the company might try to end Guild representation for its 130 ANG newsroom employees once they’re merged with 170 news staffers from the non-union Contra Costa Times. “The union has to represent a majority of a bargaining unit,” Anstandig told E&P. “The issue that gets presented in a consolidated group is that it impacts representation rights. We are looking at it, we have met with them several times and we have been very open about it. We haven’t made a decision of what will happen.”

The Guild’s ANG unit last week filed an unfair labor charge with the National Labor Relations Board against MediaNews related to the consolidation, E&P reports. In addition, the Guild is asking its members at papers nationwide, including the Merc, to wear red on Monday, the day the consolidation takes place.

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