The Guild will attempt to organize newsroom workers at MediaNews Group’s Contra Costa Times in the wake of the company’s decision to decertify the union at the ANG newspapers, the East Bay Express reports. Carl Hall, a San Francisco Chronicle reporter and rep for the Northern California Media Workers Guild, says the union is also fighting the company’s attempt at decertification by filing grievances with the National Labor Relations Board. Hall is quoted as saying the company may have deliberately depleted its ANG unit over several months while expanding operations at the nonunion papers in order to take away their union status prior to the merger.

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  1. Singleton cuts off nose to spite face. His investors must be screaming bloody murder right now. One of the reasons why the CC Times was so valuable was that it was the largest non-union newspaper in the Bay Area. But they’re going to vote for the Guild overwhelmingly. And the NRLB won’t let him decertify at ANG.

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