The Contra Costa Times will abandon its popular TV book in order to cut costs, Publisher and President John Armstrong (pictured) says in a memo to employees.

    “The book has been a significant economic drain for several years. On September 14, the weekly TV grids will be inserted in a new Friday tabloid section that also will be devoted to movies. … We can expect push-back from some Contra Costa Times readers, but the alternative was to eliminate weekly TV grids altogether.

Armstrong also says the copy desks of the Coco Times and the Alameda Newspaper Group papers will be combined next year when a new electronic front end system is installed.

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  1. Can anyone name a newspaper that has improved after Singleton bought it? A paper that is more robust or aggressive in its news coverage? A paper that has gained market share?

  2. The Times converted the TV Book to tabloid format a few years ago, but public outcry was overwhelming and they switched it back a few weeks later. My guess is that the newspaper’s new owner couldn’t care less that readers will be upset. If it saves money, they’ll do it. End of discussion.

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