Clear Channel has changed the on-air identity of its liberal talk station in San Francisco from The Quake 960 (KQKE-AM) to Green 960 (KKGN-AM). Radio columnist Brad Kava writes:

    “The lineup of Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Rachel Maddow, Bill Press, Mike Malloy, Jon Elliot and Randi Rhodes is a liberal dream team, intelligent and entertaining. It is virtually tied in the ratings with conservative talker and sister station KNEW-AM (910), both down in the lower 20s for Bay Area audiences over 12.

Green 960 has also added a locally produced afternoon show at 3 p.m. daily called “Green Seed Radio,” a primer for people who want to live with more concern for the environment.

Kava notes that Bob Agnew manages both the conservative KNEW and the liberal Green 960. “Can you believe this is what I’m doing?” Agnew asks. “But after two years of working with this station, I’ve moved dead center — from hardcore conservative. And I really think we are ahead of the curve on this movement.”

SF Press Club News,


  1. Actually, it probably wouldn’t faze them at all. In fact, Ed Schultz is not only the most highly rated Progressive talk-show host in the nation (and part of the KKGN line-up), but is an avid hunter.

    Not everyone agrees with hunting, but those who don’t agree with it re able to get past it. So before you begin labeling everyone who listens to KKGN a “tree hugger” (or whatever the pejorative term of the day is over in automaton-land — you know, the ones who comprise the audience for Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, and the like), try some independent thought. I guarantee the change will do you some good.

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