Paul McHugh has written his final column for the Chron after a 22-year stint as an outdoors writer. He writes:

    I depart with a grin. It’s been the gig of a lifetime. As outdoors writer for a great western daily, I’ve traipsed to most corners of California, been immersed in lake, stream and sea, gotten stuck on cliffs, charged up to mountain peaks and wafted up and down in the sky. Deploying my “license to thrill,” I’ve taken a whitewater raft through Alaskan wilderness, dropped from a helicopter to ski off the crest of the Rockies, skin-dived on Hawaiian reefs, surfed in Ireland and paddled through a gale far off the Chilean shore.

His advice for young people thinking about a career in journalism: “Go for it!” And McHugh plans to keep readers up-to-date on his adventures at (Photo credit: Dawn Garcia, via

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