Meteorologist Samantha Mohr, KPIX CBS5’s weeknight weather anchor for the past six years, has joined The Weather Channel in Atlanta. Mohr quit CBS5 in July after Roberta Gonzales was given the weeknight weather shift and Mohr was assigned to mornings. The Web site says she will be seen from 4-8 a.m. (Pacific) weekend mornings. Mohr, a multiple Emmy winner, is a native of Columbus, Ga., and was crowned Miss Georgia in 1985.

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  1. If anyone is still reading this it is now June 6th 2008 a month short of a year since the Bay Area lost our Samantha Mohr and tonight I was thinking of how it is unfortunate to not have her on our TV weather anymore. She is still missed amd I hope she and her family are happy in their new life and home. We were lucky to have her bright smile, knowledge of the weather and attractive class demonstrating professionalisim.

  2. Bring Samantha Mohr back. No offense but her professionalism is significantly better than Gonzalez and she served as an intelligent weather “wingman” to Dana King.

  3. I remember watching KPIX the night it was announced that Samantha was leaving (Samantha’s last night on KPIX)I believe Fr. July 13th 2007 and Julia Goodrich KPIX Anchor/Reporter was filling in for Dana King. I well remember Julia Goodrich stating that Samantha was and is the nicest woman you could ever meet in TV!! That was a very high regard for a co-worker to publicaly announce on TV.

    To have the majority of the public still writing posative comments six months later shows how well liked Samantha is in the Bay Area!

    I was lucky enough to meet Samantha and her daughter for the first time,the day after the farewell announcment. She was down to earth, polite, nice, warm and atractive dressing in a professional way. No question about it she was and still is an excellent metorlogist and smart as well as nice person. I wish she was still our metorlogist. The Weather Station is lucky to have her.

  4. Funny…some of us are interested in just watching the NEWS and hearing the NEWS. While pretty faces are nice to look at, I tune in to hear what comes out of those pretty faces, and unfortunately for KPIX, there is just too much fluff and “clever banter” spewing out in place of actual content.

  5. And I will comment to your few things:

    First: Its easy for you to hide behind your blog and throw out lies as you do because you will not indicate who you are. If you did, then everyone would know you either have no credibility to make this statement or it would reveal you would sell you integrity to save your face. I have met many people at that station and everyone have had nothing but the highest praises and thoughts for her.

    Second: How would you know how much money anyone makes at that station? As I understand it, Ms. Gonzales came from the high market area of Chicago and has been with KPIX several years before Mrs. Mohr even came to KPIX. I suspect there was not much of a gap. And how do you know how much the Weather Channel is paying her.
    Also, you said that samantha left KPIX because “when her contract was up they demoted her knowing she would quit and leave on her own”.
    Now you say they couldn’t match that kind of money. Would you like to try this again??

    Thirdly: You’re correct about one thing, Ms. Gonzalez is not in her league but sex appeal has little to do with it. It’s the credentials, knowledge, professionalism and she was the team player vs someone who not only needs the attention but needs the affirmation as well.

    Please do everyone a favor, unless you wish to provide some REAL credibility to your negative posts then please stop the rhetoric of which you obviously can not prove.


  6. Let me just say a few things…

    First, those around KPIX know that Mohr often butted heads with some of the other ‘top dogs’, including anchors and producers. Talk to anyone who works there, and this was no secret.

    Second, it’s no huge secret that Roberta Gonzalez makes considerably less than Mohr. So when The Weather Channel came offering Mohr more money, there’s no way KPIX was going to match that kind of money. Gambling on Gonzales to anchor the evening news was an easy choice. Just about any producer would do the same, if facing those choices.

    Third, KPIX received numerous complaints that Mohr was picked for that job because of her sex appeal. With Mohr gone, Dana King definitely gets the attention now, since Gonzalez is hardly in Mohr’s league.

  7. Blogging is something I do not do, but after a friend of mine informed me of the character attacks posted by “Anonymous” against my self and my wife I felt I had to respond.

    First, let me begin by telling you how honored Samantha is for the kind comments posted my many of you and the well wishes given. In the media business you do the best you can but often you never know the true impact of your work. She has been touched by so many wonderful comments and these only go to reinforce the sincere connection we have with the Bay area. Samantha is overwhelmed by the support so many of you have demonstrated.

    Unfortunately, in the public eye, you learn quickly that you cannot please everyone no matter how hard you try. It’s part of the business and you learn that negative comments do occur.
    However, I am not in this business and no, personal character attacks are not acceptable particularly when they are completely without basis or merit.
    I suspect the writer of these attacks has a couple of reasons:
    1) This person has a vested interest in preserving her ego and by posting my name on this thread this might give her some sort of credibility with the negative comments. Perhaps naming the spouse will make others think she knows us well.
    2) This person’s self esteem must be pretty low and needs to spread negativity in an effort to lift herself up. Positive affirmation must be a necessity.

    To the readers of this thread I can assure you that what you see in Samantha is what you get. Samantha no doubt has the sweetest, loving and most gracious spirit of anyone I have ever met. You will not find one person that she has worked with directly or knows her personally that would suggest anything otherwise and that is the fact.
    Samantha’s character, and I would like to believe mine as well, is completely above reproach. I take an extreme offense to these pathetic personal comments.
    As mentioned earlier, I do not blog so this will be my only post. However, we do thank you again for such wonderful comments and hope that you will catch Samantha on the Weather Channel TH -F (10 -1:00 PM EST) “Day Planner” & Sat – Sun (7 – 11:00 AM EST) on the “Weekend View”.

  8. Mild?!?! Bringing up Samantha’s spouse on a news/broadcast story in this forum IS a personal attack. GET A CLUE!!!

    As for why she left you obviously are not a news manager at the station so stop making up stories.

    Speaking of getting a clue, thats what Samantha’s replacement Roberto needs. I’m going to “mildly” bash her here… she is no where as good…in fact she’s terrible, she needs a promptor!

    But forget about her, like the huge majority of the channel 5 viewers here I want to wish Samantha well. Your fans will continue to watch!

  9. Firstly, the “personal attack” on this posting site was mild–very mild–and that’s why the site allowed it.

    Secondly, Mohr was good…so why would KPIX demote such an apparently beloved and talented broadcaster? Probably because she was NOT a nice person and difficult to get along with and KPIX had finally had enough. So when her contract was up they demoted her knowing she would quit and leave on her own.

    Thirdly, weather people don’t read prompters or use them. They “improv” the weather using only the graphics to guide them.

  10. Roberta needs to work on her delivery. She seems to put the emphasis on the wrong words in every sentence. You really notice it when she is on KCBS. Her delivery is so bad I sometimes wonder if she’s thinking about what’s she’s saying or just reading whatever words are on the teleprompter. If she’s not careful, somebody might change her script (think Ron Burgundy).

  11. Samantha is a real professional meteorologist and was an asset to KPIX. Roberta Gonzales is a “weather reader.” What was KPIX thinking. I agree with another viewer that Roberta is extremely annoying and definitely not in the same professional class as Samantha. I’ll be swithing to another netwook…

  12. The Bay Area misses Samantha.
    The bubble head that took her place, Roberta is annoying.
    Of course Channel 5 KPIX does softball news.
    Any real journalist or real meteorologist does not work for Channel 5.
    And they know it too.

  13. Samantha Mohr did a fantastic job at kpix5. She is and will be missed. Her
    replacement is more in to theatrics as she presents the weather forecast. Roberta thinks that she is the “star”.
    What a phony.
    Good luck to Samantha and I will be sure to watch the weather channel more often.

  14. I don’t know what Ch5 was thinking – Ms . Roberta Gonzalez will never be in the same class as Ms. Moore – I just now found out by the posted comments that we can catch her on the Weather Channel – thanks for the info.

  15. I totally agree. Personal attacks are absolutely inappropriate here. Samantha is a classy lady and I miss her at CBS 5!!! She looks great at the weather channel.

  16. Public, personal attacks on Samantha Mohr and her husband in this forum are not only inapproriate, but petty and reflect more upon the poster than Samantha herself. Samantha was a professional, calm weather forecaster and added a classy balance to the CBS 5 news broadcasts. I actually appreciated her resistance of the increasingly “chummy” demeanor that seems to be prevading the evening news broadcasts on CBS 5. I wish they would stop trying to be so buddy-buddy and just read the news, that’s why we tune in, not to listen to their forced banter between stories.

  17. CBS5 was brilliant! Samantha Mohr Matthews and her husband Kent are two very unkind people. Good riddance for CBS and Northern California. I will never watch the weather channel while she is on it.As a couple they care not who they hurt for their gain.
    CBS didn’t keep Samantha for one reason…what goes around comes around. i HOPE THE WEATHER CHANNEL COMES TO THEIR SENSES!!

  18. Samantha is on mornings at the Weather Channel! Still looks and is doing great. So bummed out she is no longer at KPIX (the pm weather shows are SO HARD TO WATCH NOW!) but what a great fit for her there with all the other meteorologists.

  19. I was on vacation and missed Samantha leaving. I’m so sorry that she is gone and I will miss her. Best wishes to Samantha in her new job!

  20. Samantha Mohr is missed by my wivfe and I. We like Roberta, but she is not in the class of Ms. Mohr. She is a very knowledgable meteoroligist and the Weather Channel is the winner/ We are sure she will pop up on a major network before long.
    Bob and Trudy-Brentwood, Ca.

  21. CBS5 would be well served if they got Rebecca a speech coach. She mispronounces words, punches the wrong word and sounds very unnatural. Her voice really sticks out on KCBS 740. I think all of this can be corrected, but she has always sounded “small market” to me.

  22. I just saw Samantha on the Weather Channel. I will miss her so much! I don’t blame her for leaving especially because Roberta Gonzales isn’t even a meterologist when Samantha is. How stupid?

  23. I am saddened by the loss in our Bay Area news arena of “Sam” Samantha Mohr.
    Best wishes to you Sam and I hope your career continues to blossom with this great new assignment.
    We will miss you here.
    Phil Lehrman

  24. I’m in Minnesota and had never heard of Samantha Mohr until she appeared on the Weather Channel recently.
    Since they don’t have a bio up for her yet, I decided to do some googling to see what I could find about her.
    Some TV stations in my area have treated viewer-favorites the same way. Often they’re just summarily fired, without even being offered a different shift. It seems to be a common practice in the industry, though a strange one.
    Good for you, Samantha, for seeking greener pastures. And in your native Georgia, no less! I hope it all turns out well for you.

  25. Saw Samantha on the Weather Channel at 10:55 am today with another metorlogist. In the Bay Area it is Channel 61. On the website there are videos to watch, but hard to tell which one has Samantha on the weekend. They don’t have an on line bio. for her yet.

    Re: CBS Friday July 13th I saw Samantha announce she was leaving to go back to her home state in Georgia. I’m sure she couldn’t say what her new job or station was. At the time Julia Goodrich was anchoring with Sam and said she is the nicest woman in TV you could ever meet. Next they showed some brief footage of her work. It was the Friday before July 16th Monday of CBS’s announced shift change was supposed to take place. I’m sure none of the other CBS employees would have wanted to be demoted in the public eye after doing such a superb job as Samantha. So she didn’t accept it and left with short notice. Their plan might have backfired on them in the middle of summer having to deal with vacation coverage and simultaneously fill her unaccpeted morning spot.

    CBS should have gotten back to you. It makes them look like they are afraid to take responsibility for being cut throat with their actions. Does CBS even have a clue “viewers/listeners” are unhappy with their shift change idea costing us the loss of Samantha? What a way to treat a valuable employee who was exceptional. If I was a CBS anchor there it would make me stressed and nervous. Shows they don’t give any value to their “Chief Metorlogist” title or their employees. Two months later “viewers” still care to write on this subject says something.

  26. I’ve e-mailed CBS twice trying go find out what happened to Samantha but got no reply !! She was one of the reasons I watched KPIX at 5:00 pm. She is really missed. CBS should have had the curtesy to tell the viewers why she “just disappeared”. They claim to be “a family” ???

  27. Does anyone know if there is a contct email for Samantha?

    We miss her very much as our Chief Metorlogist in the Bay Area.
    She is excellent in her profession with knowledgeable skils, class and poise in her deliverly of her presantations, plus is cheery in her vibrent colorful suits.

    WHY, WHY, didn’t CBS5 recognize what high quality proformance they had going for them looks like in Samantha Mohr??? This is my “Good Question” for them, which I doubt they will answer. By doing this I doubt it has boost their raitngs, maybe decreased them. Don’t they care what there “viewers” like, that makes them want to watch”?

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