The blog LA Observed says Los Angeles anchor Dave Clark will start Nov. 1 as anchor of KTVU’s morning news. No official word yet on who Clark will replace at KTVU, though the ba.broadcast chat room is discussing one particular rumor. Clark currently anchors the 9 and 10 p.m. weekend shifts on KCAL 9, which is owned by CBS and whose news programs are produced by KCBS-TV Los Angeles.

Clark’s bio on the KCBS-TV/KCAL Web site notes that in addition to a long career in journalism he also does voiceovers on commercials and has appeared in movies including “X-Men,” “Bulworth” and “Scream 2,” and several television series including “Just Shoot Me,” “Home Improvement” and “Any Day Now.”

An e-mail he sent to friends, quoted by LA Observed, says, “… I have spent the past year being ‘wined and dined’ and ‘wooed’ by the major TV networks and top TV stations around the country. It has been tremendously flattering and humbling experience. … I will be commuting home, and will continue to be active in prominent civic, charitable and social activities in both Los Angeles and San Francisco [and] continue appearing in Hollywood movies and on network TV shows filmed in Hollywood …”

    [Update: Matier & Ross reported Sunday that Clark’s e-mail to friends suggested he was being groomed as a replacement for Dennis Richmond, who apparently will be retiring in May after 30 years of co-anchoring the “Ten O’Clock News.” “Mornings on 2” anchor Frank Somerville figured he has Richmond’s heir apparent, M&R said. But KTVU general manager Tim McVay told M&R that any talk of Clark being brought in to replace Richmond “would be news to me.” On Nov. 1, Clark will replace Mark Curtis on the early morning news.

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  1. You guys are sooo lucky to have Dave Clark as your news anchor! He is both a terrific reporter – not merely a “news reader” – but he is also married to the beautiful and talented Rosalynn (hope I spelled that right), and is a remarkably intelligent, kind and compassionate man. I’m proud and grateful to call him my friend. All of us working here in the LA market miss him a lot.

    Marshall Thompson

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