Ben Fong-Torres, writing in the Chronicle, says Michael Krasny’s new book “Off Mike” should have been titled “On Mike” because it focuses so much on Krasny (left). Fong-Torres writes, “It’s just too bad that, given the chance to illuminate the medium, the process of his craft — the interview — and the subjects themselves, he chose to keep the light so often fixed on himself.”

Fong-Torres notes that Krazny, who holds down the 9-11 a.m. shift at KQED-FM 88.5, gives due credit to Ronn Owens for helping him get on KGO-AM 810 in the early 80s. But he says Krasny also takes shot at Owens (now his main talk-show competitor, with his 9 a.m. to noon program) and former KGO talker Jim Eason: “While Owens and Eason quickly scanned photos on jackets of books written by women for pretty faces, I culled through the piles looking for books on serious topics,” Krasny writes. And, for good measure, Krazny dismisses one KGO program director as a “moron” and president and general manager Mickey Luckoff as a hot-tempered tightwad. KGO let Krasny go in 1992.

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