MediaNews Group, owner of most of the Bay Area’s daily newspapers, says centralizing copy editing at one location for an entire region is an example of how the company is able to cut costs and become more profitable. “Why does every newspaper need copy editors? In this day and age, I think copy-editing can be done centrally for several newspapers,” company President Jody Lodovic tells Bloomberg News. But the company’s centralized copy desk in the Bay Area, located in Pleasanton, has been accused of making embarrassing errors because editors weren’t familiar with the towns where they publish newspapers.

The Bloomberg story reports on the eight-page memo chief executive Dean Singleton (posted here yesterday) sent employees in which he calls for increasing the company’s percentage of Internet sales from the current 7 percent of total revenues to 20 percent by 2012. In an interview with Bloomberg, Lodovic said that to achieve that, Media News will create Web sites separate from its 57 daily newspapers to attract younger readers.

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  1. The Sacramento Bee must be going in the wrong direction to let Rodriquez go. The stocks at are at an all time low, and there seems to be only more bad news to come. With all of the internal changes at McClatchy, the company seems to be following a receipe of self-destruction, and neither the public nor the McClatchy Family seems to see it coming, they probably won’t until it is too late. The CEO should be the person who should be let go, not the Rodriquez.

  2. Maybe the media will wake up to the fact that people are on the Internet to get away from newspapers, magazines, and TV.

    “attract younger readers” Yeah, right.

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