MediaNews Group, the Bay Area’s largest newspaper owner, is being lampooned in a music video posted on YouTube that was created by Guild members who have been working without a contract at the company’s paper in York, Pennsylvania. E&P has details of the York Daily Record dispute. Marshall Anstandig, MediaNews’ top labor negotiator, told E&P: “I would probably suggest they spend more time negotiating a contract than singing songs … It is childish and immature.” As of 11:15 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, the video had been viewed 336 times. The photo above is a screen grab from the video showing a tent the union put up at a county fair to gather signatures on petitions.

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  1. i agree that this is a disappointing effort … it’s even more disappointing when you consider what an easy target singleton is … the Guild in the Bay Area needs to produce a YouTube video that is far more professional/interesting than this.

  2. Satire is a great tradition in American journalism, from Mark Twain to Stephen Colbert to the caricatures that New York Times reporters used to affix to the front page of the paper and paste on the walls of the metro newsroom. (They’re hilarious. I have some photos from the old Times building — an uncle scored me a tour.) These folks are just gonna have to do a little bit better job than this to burn up Singleton.

    -G.W. Schulz

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