The Chron reports this morning that Jack Rosenbaum, who produced more than 10,000 columns and worked for virtually every San Francisco newspaper in a career spanning 70 years, died Sunday at the age of 100. His obit included this:

    In a 1991 column, The Chronicle’s Herb Caen wrote that when Mr. Rosenbaum was writing for the old San Francisco News in the 1940s and 1950s, the paper promoted his column with newspaper rack cards saying “Just a Nice Guy.”

    “Can you think about a worse thing to say about a columnist?” Caen fumed. “I phoned him and suggested getting rid of those cards instanter but he is such a nice guy he didn’t know what I meant.”

A private service was held Wednesday for Rosenbaum. His brother Art, a longtime Chronicle sports writer, died in December 2003. (Photo credit: Gary Fong, Chronicle, 1976)

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  1. Rosenbaum is sadly forgotten today…I used to read his column in the afternoon Examiner.

    If you Google his name, there is almost no mention of him…70 years in the news biz and no one remembers him…except San Franciscans…even semi-adopted ones like me…


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