The Chronicle and Mercury News circulation numbers appear to have stablized after years of losses, according to new figures out today from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (as reported by E&P).

The Merc’s daily circulation in the past six months was 228,537, just slightly less than the 228,800 reported for the same period last year. Sunday circulation was reported to be 252,404 compared to 254,454 for the same period last year. Last year at this time, the Merc was reeling with reports showing its circulation had fallen by 9.4 percent daily and 9.7 percent on Sundays.

The Chron reports a daily circulation of 365,234, off by 2.29 percent from the 373,805 for the same period last year. Sunday’s circulation was off by only 0.66 percent — from 432,957 to 430,115. Last year, the Chron was reporting a 5 percent drop in its daily circulation and 7 percent on Sundays.

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