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FCC fines KNEW, KSJO $10,000 each

The FCC has rejected a challenge to the renewal of four Bay Area radio station licenses held by Clear Channel by a politically liberal youth organization which objected to Michael Savage’s (left) program on KNEW-AM.

Youth Media Council made numerous claims against the stations including the assertion that Savage and former KNEW host Jeff Katz “consistently stereotype and advocate violence against undocumented workers, Muslims, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered persons” and that the station encourages “physical violence as a solution to social problems.” The group held protests outside KNEW’s San Francisco studios, demanding management remove conservative shows from the air.

Youth Media Council complained that the stations had excluded local musicians from its airwaves, provided insufficient public affairs programming, broadcast indecent programming, disproportionately focused on crime and violence, and lacked an emergency preparedness plan.

The council also objected to the hiring of Rick Delgado on KYLD and Bill O’Reilly on KNEW. And it complained that KMEL fired talk show host “Davey D” supposedly because he interviewed Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee about her vote opposing the war in Afghanistan.

While the FCC renewed the licenses of Clear Channel’s KSJO-FM 92.3, KNEW-AM 910, KYLD-FM “Wild 94.5” and KMEL-FM 106.1 it fined:

Here’s a link to the 23-page FCC decision.

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