Brad Kava has set the record straight regarding the notion that Christine Craft might buy KSCO-AM 1080 in Santa Cruz. “Do I have the money to buy it? ” Craft told Kava by phone. “The long answer is No. The short answer is NO.” The rumor started when station owner Michael Zwerling was booking her as a guest and she mentioned that she would love to buy his station, which happens to be for sale. Zwerling made a promo out of her comment. The Santa Cruz Sentinel picked up on the promo. The Press Club linked to the Sentinel’s item on Craft. This is getting to be an exhausing circle. As Kava notes, “Strange that no one thought to call Craft for a comment.”

He also says, “There are people looking for progressive millionaires who might be able to raise the capital to buy this strong signal that reaches the entire Monterey Bay, and San Jose on a good day.”

There’s also a lot to love about AM 1080, Kava says: “One of the most non-corporate stations anywhere, with the friendliness of a local diner. I’d sure love to see someone buy it whose views could reflect the political diversity of the region.”

SF Press Club News


  1. To the contrary, Christine would be a perfect fit for Santa Cruz. Her politics fits in with the community and she’s certainly a talent when it comes to broadcasting. I’ll bet there is a way for her to buy the station using some creative financing.

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