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Williams surprised by Bonds indictment

Lance Williams (left), who co-authored the Chronicle stories that broke the Barry Bonds steroid case open years ago, tells E&P he did not think the home run king would ever be indicted.

Williams, who who with former Chronicle scribe Mark Fainaru-Wada (right) first revealed leaked testimony tying Bonds to steroids, said he had no prior knowledge of the indictment coming down, although he noted that Thursdays were often “indictment days” in federal cases.

Williams also told E&P that a trial would show critics the evidence he used in his stories. “By the time we are done with this, the public will get to see all of the evidence that has been kept secret,” he explained.

As reported below, Fainaru-Wada left the Chron this week for ESPN. (Photo credit: Brad Mangin, Sports Illustrated)

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