Bay Area Radio Digest reports that KPFA-FM 94.1 has fired Peter Laufer (pictured), who did a two-hour Sunday morning show on current events. Laufer writes, “There has been an active campaign against me by a group of KPFA activists who were miffed from the day I was hired because I am not a ‘person of color’ and because of my ‘mainstream’ credentials.” Those credentials include reporting news for ABC, CBS and NBC’s radio networks. He also worked at KSFO and KNEW in the 60s. Laufer isn’t out of work, however. Radio writer Ben Fong-Torres (who couldn’t report on Laufer’s firing due to the Pink section’s early deadlines) noted Sunday that Laufer has two other shows: “Washington Monthly,” which he co-hosts weekly on XM and terrestrial stations, and “Business Shrink” on Sirius satellite. (Photo credit: Sherry Loeser, Chronicle)

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