KTVU announced yesterday that weekend anchor Sara Sidner will leave Channel 2 on Dec. 31 to become a correspondent for CNN International. TV columnist Susan Young said last week that Channel 2 wanted Sidner to sign a five-year contract, but she didn’t want to be tied down that long since she had network prospects. In a press release from Channel 2, Sidner is quoted as saying: “A station is made up of people, and at KTVU I respect and love the people. That is what makes this decision so difficult. It’s like leaving a family but sometimes you need to jump at opportunities. That still doesn’t make it easy.”

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  1. Wow! I just met her at Cirque Du Soleil Sunday. Not only is she Beautiful,she’s really nice. She’ll be fine at whatever she does. Good Luck Sara!


  2. Well Sara, good luck to you and your future endeavors. Remember, life is too short, therefore don’t worry be happy.

    The Z man

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