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SF photography magazine launches spin-off

The company behind San Francisco-based JPG Magazine is launching a spin-off titled Everywhere, which will be devoted to travel, The New York Times reports.

JPG Magazine — edited and published by Paul Cloutier (pictured) — solicits photos from the public through its Web site and then asks its online readers vote on their favorites. The magazine prints the winners on high quality paper in six issues a year. The press run is about 50,000. The magazines are sold through $25 annual subscriptions and on newsstands for $6 each.

Halsey Minor, the CNET founder who is bankrolling the two magazines, says that 70 percent of the magaazines on newsstands are purchased, a surprisingly high “sell-through” rate; most magazine publishers would be thrilled with 50 percent, the Times says.

Minor admits to the Times that he’s done an about face when it comes to print. When he was at CNET, he was trying to kill print. Now, through his investment in JPG and Everywhere, he is hoping to make money from print. (Photo credit: Jim Wilson, New York Times)

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