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After the breakup, who gets the sources?

Ron Russell of the SF Weekly asks a logical question about the breakup of the Chronicle’s steroid scoopers Lance Williams (left) and Mark Fainaru-Wada (right): Who gets custody of their sources? These were the sources for which they were willing to go to jail to protect. Now that Fainaru-Wada is at ESPN, what kind of custody arrangement have they worked out?

“I’m sure there will be times when it may be slightly complicated or even a little awkward, but it won’t be a problem between us,” says Fainaru-Wada tells the SF Weekly.

Says Williams, the one who remains at the Chron: “We’ve gone through a lot together … We’re great friends and we’re going to miss working with each other a great deal.”

The SF Weekly says that Fainaru-Wada’s Chron colleagues threw him a farewell bash on Nov. 8. Two days later, the feds announced Bonds’ indictment for obstruction of justice and lying to a grand jury about his use of steroids. Although Fainaru-Wada wasn’t slated to start his new gig until Nov. 26, ESPN immediately pressed him into service.

“They called, and said, ‘So, are you ready to work?’ And so here I went again.” [Yesterday, HBO buys rights to ‘Game of Shadows’] (Photo credit: Brad Mangin, Sports Illustrated)

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