Reporter Mary Anne Ostrom (pictured) has been nominated to become the next unit chair of the Guild at the Mercury News, according to the unit’s Web site. She is running unopposed in the Dec. 10 election as are the following candidates:

    Vice Chair — Heidi Denison

    Secretary — Amy Pizarro

    Representative Assembly (7 to be elected) — John Fensterwald, Mary Ann Ostrom, Bill Russell, Cindy Kolander, Leslie Griffy, Connie Skipitares, Cali Pettiford and Hilary Enriquez

At the Monterey Herald, the following employees were nominated for Guild offices:

    Unit Chair — Claudia Melendez

    Vice Chair — Andre Briscoe

    Secretary — Larry Mylander

    Representative Assembly (1 to be elected) — Clarissa Aljentera

The following members were nominated at the Merc or Herald unit meetings or the general membership meeting for the Guild office indicated:

    President — Sylvia Ulloa

    Vice President — Lilia Valencia, John Fensterwald

    Secretary-Treasurer — Jack Davis

    The Newspaper Guild Sector Conference: (2 to be elected) — Luther Jackson, Sylvia Ulloa

    Communications Workers of America Convention (1 to be elected) — Sylvia Ulloa

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