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Union organizing of EB-BANG advances

Guild organizers report that they have been to “coffees, lunches, even a few evening get-togethers” in their quest to organize Contra Costa Times employees. A reported 170 CC Times newsroom staffers were combined into the same bargaining unit with 130 unionized Alameda Newspaper Group employees on Aug. 13. MediaNews, owner of both papers, declared the merged newsroom unit (East Bay-Bay Area News Group) to be nonunion, and that sparked complaints from the Guild.

Josh Richman, writing for the Guild, reported that “BANG-EB managers were called to a mandatory meeting Nov. 5 at the companyʼs San Ramon business offices, where they were provided talking points for touting the company and smearing the Guild.”

Richman writes, “Weʼre busy making sure our people know the truth of the matter, especially as the company prepares to bring an anti-union dog-and-pony show to all of our worksites. Just as in our daily work, we relish the opportunity to speak truth to power.”

And … “BANG-EBʼs union members, current and future, send their heartfelt thanks to all The Chronicle staffers whoʼve given their time and efforts in recent months to support our struggle,” Richman writes.

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