Supporters of KGO-AM talk show host Bernie Ward have established a legal defense fund as he battles child pornography charges, and they’ve set up a Web site, Lynne Sloan, who produced Ward’s Sunday morning “God Talk” show, revealed the site and the fund in a posting on the Democratic Underground site. “I am writing to you to thank you for your support, care and concern for Bernie,” Sloan writes. “Your abundant well wishes and prayers are of great comfort to the Ward family.”

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  1. I’m looking for the defense fund so I can support Bernie with a contribution, at least. Can someone direct me to it? The links I found appear not to work. How can I show my support? Thanks.

  2. Apparantly Bernie has “gone to ground” as his website has disappeared. One can only imagine the impact this has had on his children – can you imagine reading the “sexual fantasies” your father had been having about you?(…and hopefully they were just fantasies). This will be a deep scar left on the lives of those children. May Bernie rot in hell!

  3. It is shocking that the Department of Justice’s, head of the unit investigating & prosecuting Child Pornography took personal & special interest in this case, started the investigation & subsequently had Bernie indicted. It may be Bernie Ward was specially picked out for special treatment. After all Scooter Libby was convicted & then pardoned in a very short amount of time for committing treason & perjury. Looks like if one betrays state secrets & perjures then the chances of these convicts getting pardoned may be statistically higher than someone in Bernie’s situation. Bernie DID NOT lay his fingers or have any form of physical/or other form of relationships with children/minors (the indictment has nothing on this) & the DOJ is going after them!!!!! The DOJ & the FBI know that NAMBLA exists, & so far they have not apprehended its members who are a real threat to children/minors of this country. Where do all of you who hate Bernie Ward stand vis a vis Treason & NAMBLA? It is hypocrisy at the finest.

    Lastly one would not be surprised if it is discovered that KGO personalities who hate Bernie Ward may have a role in this matter.

  4. Bernie Ward was my hero for years. No more. No way. He is beyond sick. The only thing sicker is that a group is organizing a defense fund for such a perverted soul. A DEFENSE FUND??????? Are you nuts? Have you lost your minds? Whose idea was this?

  5. Here and now we can stop convicting Bernie in cyberspace. We have no details of the evidence and we- you should not convict Bernie until he has his day in a free court in the USA but not with no details of the evidence yet to be introduced and the charges.

  6. If you contact the feds or FBI, then you are hardly going underground to do an investigation are you? Get real. Why not put a bill board up on 101 to let everybody know. Sheesh ^_^

  7. I support Bernie Ward, and please return to KGO. No one is as intelligent as you. I believe in you and my prayers are with you and your family.

  8. B. Ward (aka “Slave”) should never be permitted to be within 50 feet of a microphone again; in fact, he shouldn’t be within 100 feet of any child, including his own.
    His “defenders” should stop drinking the Kool-Aid and see this piece of s— for what he is. I’m sure he’ll find the dominator (masculine for dominatrix) beyond his wildest dreams when he shares a cell with Big Bubba.

  9. Why is Bernie so well loved? More to the point, why does anyone trust Bernie Ward?

    I want to vomit when I see what Bernie said about his own children.
    You are a perv Bernie and I hope you rot in a jail cell…

  10. Pleeze…………Bernie is an accused man and has not been found guilty of anything. KGO needs to get this guy back on the air so I can start listening to KGO again. KGO cannot find anyone to temporarily fill in for Bernie’s time spot so I say just go off the air during 10 p.m to 1 a.m.

    GET A GRIP KGO >>>>your fill in hosts are losers…especially lazaurus….what a geek. When Bernie is back is when I’ll tune into KGO.

    where are the women hosts….I mean single hosts not co-hosts?????

  11. I have always admired and continue to admire the moxy of Bernie Ward. He has always stood fast against his critics: mostly the entire other radio talk show hosts of KGO; especially the departed Pete Wilson. At least Bernie has some class and doesn’t back away from what he truly believes. Stick that in your ear to the rest of you at KGO, including the producers and managers and owners.

  12. Funny, I can’t find a single “Support Berie Ward” site left on the Internet anymore. Talk about your weak knee, fair weather friends. The left is just as fast to ditch the presumption of innocence as the right.

    At least he has a bit more data for his “Hypocrisy in America” book.

  13. I have just finished reading the complete transcript from the Oakdale Police Department that was seized from Bernie’s AOL account and I was shocked. It was very hard for me to read it all the way through. I have been a fan of Bernies for many years now. At first when this all came about, I was convinced the charges against Bernie were just trumped up. But this transcript has some credence to it. How could Bernie use such language and descriptions to research a book? I still miss Bernie and out of respect for him and his family I will not bad mouth him. I offer my prayers for him and his family.

  14. You can send Bernie letters of support and donations for his legal fund. And you can call Citadel (KGO’s parent company) and tell them to put Bernie back on the air. There is also a rally to support Bernie on January 22nd at the SF Federal Building. You can find all the info in the Support Bernie Ward website, here:
    You can also sign a petition asking for justice for Bernie Ward here:
    Those who just want to donate to The Bernie Ward Legal Defense Fund can go to this page:


  16. Bernie, honest and truthful Americans fully believe in your innocence and are supporting you 100%.
    I am calling for “Jury Nullification” on this one. These charges are false and trumped-up. Your only crime is exposing this corrupt administration.
    Justice for Bernie.

  17. Have you heard about the new drug “Rovian”? Karl Rove mixes it up in a shed on Bush’s ranch. He had a CIA agent put some in Bernie Ward’s Krpy Krm donuts. What it does is turn your poiltical enemies into baby raping pedaphiles Then they lose all sense of judgement and you can frame them. DAMN YOU, BUSH! DAMN YOU!! Wyatt Burp

  18. I am a journalist myself, and if I was ever to research such a sensitive topic I would A) get my editor’s okay to use the office computers for it; and b) clear it with my paper’s attorneys.
    His story is so bogus.

  19. why didnt he just contact the FBI and let them know he was doing research for a book? I’m sure they could give him alot of information. Or maybe he just likes researhing child pornography in the comfort of his own home… in his pajamas.

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