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Young's TV column ends, blog hits high gear

Susan Young’s final print column on television is scheduled to appear this Sunday in the papers formerly known as the Alameda Newspaper Group including the Oakland Tribune and San Mateo County Times. She’s been the TV critic for ANG for 14 years, longer than anyone else now covering television in the Bay Area. She’s also was the only woman writing a TV column in the Bay Area.

With the merger of the Contra Costa Times and ANG news operations, the CCT’s Chuck Barney will take over the TV criticism. The only ANG critic to retain his position was music editor Jim Harrington.

Young will become a member of the merged papers’ new entertainment team. She said she’s learning to shoot and edit video. “Who says you can’t teach an old hound new tricks?” she said.

She will also continue to write the TV blog, which is adding readers every day. “There’s so much freedom there, and … so much more space to do what you want,” Young said in an e-mail. And since she can post items on her blog instantly, she breaks a lot of news about the local TV business.

To subscribe to her blog, go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/iba_unscripted. She said she hopes to bring people to the blog who previously enjoyed her column in print.

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