(One-year terms)

President: Jamie Casini, Daily News Group,

Vice President and Webmaster: Dave Price, The Daily Post,

Treasurer: Ed Remitz, College of San Mateo,

Secretary: Jon Mays, Daily Journal,

Past President: Michelle Carter,,

(Two-year terms)

Jennifer Aquino, formerly of the San Mateo County Times (term expires Dec. 2009)

Peter Cleaveland, Retired, AFTRA, (term expires Dec. 2009)

Jay Thorwaldson, San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal, (term expires Dec. 2009)

Jack Russell, retired, San Mateo Times (term expires Dec. 2008)

Aimee Lewis Strain, Bay City News, (term expires Dec. 2008)


Executive Director: Darryl Compton

Financial Advisor: Dan J. Olmstead, E.A.

Legal Consultants: Cotchett, Pitre & Simon

Mailing address: San Francisco Peninsula Press Club is 4317 Camden Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403.

Phone: (650) 341-7420. Fax: (650) 372-0279

Read the history of the Press Club

The Press Club’s Web site is maintained and edited by Dave Price, editor and co-publisher of the Daily Post. Price welcomes suggestions for news items. Please e-mail him at

Past Presidents

2003-5 Michelle Carter
2002-1 John F. Kane
1998-2000 Dave Grey
1997 John Kane
1995-96 Jim Monroe
1993-4 Bill Boldenweck
1991-2 Mike McDevitt
1989-90 Bill Workman
1988 Janet Parker Beck
1986-7 Nick Thompson
1984-5 Dave Murphy
1983 Barbara Boyer Walter
1981-2 Al Bullock
1980 Joyce Golding
1979 Jack Russell
1978 Karen Petterson
1977 Peter Cleaveland
1976 George Golding
1974-5 Dan Cook

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