While the Chron has put as many as 11 reporters on the SF Zoo tiger attack story, a San Francisco correspondent for the New York Post has come up with perhaps the biggest scoop so far — that the two brothers injured by the tiger had slingshots on them at the time. That’s according to writer Emmett Berg (see bio), a freelancer whose articles have also appeared in the LA Times. The NY Post has been printing and distributing in the Bay Area since December 2006. Berg, who attributes his information to an unidentified source, writes that a vodka bottle was also found in the car of the brothers, Amritpal Dhaliwal, 19, and Kulbir Dhaliwal, 23. ABCNews.com reported last night that the brothers have hired Mark Geragos (Scott Peterson’s lawyer) to represent them. (Photo credits: Slingshot by Zandy Mangold, NY Post; Berg by Luke Thomas, Fog City News)

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  1. it will be funny to watch Mark Geragos do his jury-tampering thing through the local media, getting everybody to look at these future defendants as victims. wonder how many tv stations will fall for it.

  2. Are slingshots considered illegal in San Francisco/California (city/state laws)?

    Those men were up to no good by anyones account. It’s terribly sad a boy and beautiful, endangered animal had to die because of their reckless, callous behavior and attitude.

  3. If they end up suing the zoo, can’t the zoo or animal rights organization counter sue for wrongful death of the Tiger?

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