With Dennis Richmond’s announcement that he will retire in May, the Contra Costa Times is conducting an online, unscientific poll of readers, asking them to pick their favor local news anchor in recent years. Readers are asked to pick from the anchors above: From left, Richmond, the late Pete Wilson of ABC7, KPIX’s Dave McElhatton, KTVU’s Leslie Griffith, Jessica Aguirre of KGO and KNTV, and Pam Moore of KRON.

Missing from the list are names from the past like Van Amburg, Jerry Jensen (the last two anchors to have a newscast with a 50+ share), the legendary (Fred) Van Amburg. Current day anchors who probably should have been on the list include ABC 7’s Dan Ashley, KPIX’s Dana King, Ken Bastida, Kate Kelly, Hank Plant, and former KRON anchor Suzanne Shaw. For more information on the Bay Area’s broadcasting legends, go here

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