The sniping between San Francisco’s two alternative weeklies has become so intense that the papers are running corrections of each other’s stories. The bickering involves the Guardian’s predatory pricing lawsuit against the SF Weekly and its owners Village Voice Media. The trial began Thursday in San Francisco Superior Court. Each paper is posting online updates that are loaded with attacks on their competitor. A few quotes and headlines:

    GUARDIAN: “It’s extraordinary how the SF Weekly can take a clear legal defeat and try to turn it into a victory.”

    SF WEEKLY: “The SF Bay Guardian’s Shakedown Hits a Snag”

    GUARDIAN: “If this is how the SF Weekly and the VVM folks from Phoenix are going to cover the trial, we’re going to have to spend a lot of time correcting the record, although we’d prefer to simply let the case speak for itself.”

    SF WEEKLY: “Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond didn’t bother to show up at Superior Court on McAllister Street last week to hear proceedings in his newspaper’s lawsuit against the Weekly. But the mere fact that he wasn’t there didn’t stop him from pontificating about last week’s hearings in a January 18 blog post.”

The trial before Judge Marla J. Miller is expected to take four to six weeks. It is currently in the jury selection phase.

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