The Examiner chain, which has papers in Washington and Baltimore, has apparently been ignoring residents who have asked the company to stop delivering papers to their driveways, according to an AP story. So the residents have taken their complaints to a state legislator, who has drafted a bill that would create a “Do No Deliver” list, similar to the federal “Do Not Call” list for telemarkers. Any newspaper delivering to a home on the list could be fined $100 per day. Examiner officials didn’t return the AP’s calls for comment, but printed their own story on the controversy in their East Coast editions that quoted a company executive as saying, “I hate it when we annoy readers, and keeping that annoyance to a minimum is among my highest priorities.”

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  1. The Examiner has ignored two of my requests to stop the paper, and while I was out of town for three weeks in December, they kept on delivering the paper. They may as well have pasted a sign on my house that read “come invade my home while I’m away.”

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