The Marin Independent Journal reports that the bitter two-year conflict between the current and former publisher of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Point Reyes Light has ended with both parties agreeing to drop all lawsuits between them. “Both hope to resume a friendly relationship,” current publisher Robert Plotkin (right) and former publisher David Mitchell (left) said in a statement published in the Point Reyes Light and on Mitchell’s blog. “Each wishes the other well, and both are now looking forward to getting on with their lives.”

Plotkin, a former deputy district attorney in Monterey County, bought the paper from Mitchell in 2005. The plan was to have Mitchell continue to write a column after the sale. But things went wrong when, according to Plotkin, Mitchell grabbed him by the neck and tried to run him down with his car after an argument regarding the paper’s coverage of a land dispute. Mitchell denied the allegations. Then the lawsuits began. There was also a dispute over whether Mitchell could write for another paper in the area.

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