A graduating Berkeley journalism school student and a former engineer for Amazon have created a Web site where reporters can pitch stories to editors.

“I saw a gap in the freelancing industry — the process of pitching an article and getting it published had holes in it. It seemed like with today’s technology it could be done in a more streamlined fashion,” co-founder and Berkeley j-school student Sindya Bhanoo, right, told the USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review. She and her husband Hemant Bhanoo, a former engineer for Amazon, have created Reporterist.com.

“Our larger vision is that it’s the next generation wire service, like an AP or a Reuters,” Sindya Bhanoo said. “The public wants high quality, relevant news. As the industry’s cutting back, a lot of regions are under-covered. Most of the editors we spoke to say they’re relying too much on AP or Reuters content. At Reporterist, they will be able to look at all these stories and sort them by region or topic. Our vision is to be a wire service for local, topical news.”

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