Jeff Kiel (left), who has been publisher of the Mercury News since August, was replaced today by Mac Tully (right), a former Knight Ridder executive and more recently publisher of the Kansas City Star. Kiel, who was ad director of the Merc before he was promoted to publisher, is stepping down. He sent a message to the staff today saying his experience leading the Mercury News was “one I will remember fondly.” Tully becomes the third publisher at the Mercury News since it was purchased by MediaNews in 2006. In addition to the Merc, Tully will oversee the Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, Marin Independent Journal and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Here are links to the Merc’s story, MediaNews press release and E&P’s story. (Photo credit: Avila Maria, Mercury News)

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  1. this is sad. jeff isn’t a terrible guy. maybe he was the victim of the peter principle in being named publisher, but he was no less competent than george riggs … and jeff understood sales better … but the merc sounds like a madhouse these days with this chaos and constant turnover.

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