The Smoking Gun, a Web site that posts police reports and other legal documents in high profile cases, has posted the police report that details the child porn case against former KGO-AM host Bernie Ward. Here’s a link. See item below for background.

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  1. I am so shocked and saddened by the information contained in the police report posted on TSG. If indeed those IM’s were from Mr. Ward, it is a truly troubling situation in more ways than words can describe. The status of his career and employment future is the least of the problems Mr. Ward needs to contend with. The nature of information posted in TSG concerning “Vincentlio’s” children and personal life are issues that severely need immediate attention outside the press and “political” arena. Our community needs to reserve judgment, condemnation and public ridicule of Mr. Ward, and instead hope for a solution to this tragic drama the Ward family is experiencing and suffering through. My heart breaks for his wife, his children and “Vincentlio’s” soul.

  2. 1:58 said: “Funny how the word “liberal” doesn’t appear in any of these stories…”

    Try actually READING the story:

    “Ward was fired last December from his job at KGO Radio, where he built a reputation as an outspoken liberal voice and harsh critic of the Bush administration.”

    I know reading is tough for the average inbred hillbilly, but give it a try.

  3. funny how the word “liberal” doesn’t appear in any of these stories … imagine how he would be treated if he were a conservative!

  4. It does not matter what you think about Bernie on his opinions or politics but for a grown man who is married and has children what a sad man he is for this terrible behavior. I love KGO and everyone on air but Bernie you have let everyone down who stuck with you etc. I guess you will have a long time to think about this one with poor thinking on your end. I am just so shocked with your smarts you have chosen to be such a sleeze and a creep. Get help Bernie and come clean with the truth before it gets worse and you go down bad. I assume your career will be over on the airwaves but you can save your life if you get help and tell the truth.

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