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Brugmann called back to witness stand

On the last day of testimony in the Bay Guardian’s predatory pricing lawsuit against the SF Weekly, Guardian owner Bruce Brugmann was asked to return to the witness stand.

The Weekly’s lawyer, H. Sinclair Kerr Jr., asked Brugmann about his statement that he didn’t know the Chronicle had lost more than $300 million in the past few years. The Weekly is arguing that all newspapers are losing revenue, so the Guardian can’t blame its problems on the Weekly. Kerr pulled out a Guardian story from a year ago that reported on court records showing a $330 million Chronicle loss.

Here’s how the SF Weekly reported the testimony:

And here’s how the Guardian reported it:

Also testifying yesterday was Bill Johnson, who heads a six-paper chain that includes the Palo Alto Weekly. He pointed out that dailies have been hit much harder by the Internet than weeklies, a statement that should help the Guardian in its claim that it would have done better in recent years had it not been for unfair competition from the chain-owned SF Weekly. Johnson is quoted as saying: most non-daily publishers I know have done very well” during the past seven years, the time period the lawsuit covers.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Marla Miller is giving attorneys for both sides today (Wednesday) off to prepare final exhibits for inspection by the jury, the SF Weekly said. Closing arguments are set for Thursday morning. The case should go to the jury late in the day Thursday.

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